May 7th, 2008 by admin

Years ago I was asked to fill in for a friend of mine who was a professional motivational speaker.  The event was an annual dinner for a non-profit organization in St. Cloud.  The dinner was to be held at The Holiday Inn and I was to be the after-dinner speaker.  Denny knew that I was interested in doing public speaking as a hobby.  I decided to research the history of the organization and make that information the basis of my talk.  I told them things about their own early beginnings that most of them were not aware of.  It went well enough so that after the event, the Executive Director said, “I want you to do an in-service training session on customer service for my staff.”   Thus was the beginning of a part-time hobby of public speaking and training seminars.    I will be adding details on the basic presentations that I have developed over the years.  In the mean time if you are interested in this service, contact me.

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