September 11th, 2020 by Gary Osberg

This week I am sharing a press release with a quote from Brother Paul-Vincent about a very special show coming this fall from the students from Saint John’s Preparatory School. I will be sure to let you know the date of the performances.  Have a safe Labor Day weekend.

In 2008, through an exceptional turn of events, Saint John’s Abbey acquired a set of amazing artifacts: 23 life-sized, awe inspiring puppets, commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II, and created by the Little Angel Puppet Theatre of London, England. Since their arrival in Minnesota, much care and attention has been showered on these unique pieces of art in order to ready them for a performance!

Amahl and the Night Visitors featuring over 60 live singers, musicians, and puppeteers, is a collaboration by Saint John’s Abbey, Saint John’s Preparatory School, and CSB SJU Fine Arts Programming.

“Through our connections with Lyndie Wright puppeteer emeritus of The Little Angel Puppet Theatre of London, Saint John’s Abbey received the Amahl puppets in 2008,” Saint John’s Prep Theatre Director Paul-Vincent Niebauer, OSB said. “Our students will have rehearsed six days a week for seven weeks learning the fine art of puppetry in preparation for this glorious and entertaining opera!”

“Amahl and his fellow puppets are over 50 years old. They needed some TLC from our team before becoming stage-ready again. We are thrilled that this production is bringing together so many members of our community.” Br. Niebauer

The opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors, is a one act opera commissioned by NBC Television and was broadcast live December 24th, 1951. Written by Gian Carlo Menotti, and performed in English, the libretto tells the simple, yet powerful story of the Three Magi who stop for a night on their journey to Bethlehem and meet a special young boy named Amahl. What transpires is a rarely-heard story that compliments the traditional Christmas story.    

Live from Here this week is the second to the last of the re-broadcasts.  Next weekend Live from Here will be ending it’s run.  I for one will be very sorry to have it go. 

”Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and travail.”  Theodore Dreiser  

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