March 21st, 2014 by Gary Osberg

Good morning from Collegeville,

Barby and I are flying to Washington DC tomorrow morning and I actually forgot it was Friday. My son called me to make sure that I was ok and so this is a little late.
Getting everything done when you are going to be gone for a while takes your mind off the usual. Barby’s nephew works as a secret service agent for John Kerry, so we want to visit with Jen and the two beautiful little girls and then do the “tourist bit”. They say that visiting the mall during the evening is quite the experience. All of the monuments are light up. I will give you a full report in two weeks. Spring break is welcome no matter what the weather. Soon it will be time to go fishing with grandson Willie, better known as “Walleye Willie” The attached photo is with a couple of trout that he pulled out of a lake that name of which will remain secret.

The APHC show is live from The Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul. Special guests include masters of Celtic music both ancient and modern, Battlefield Band,
Dan “Daddy Squeeze” Newton, blues singer Hilary Thavis and regular Butch Thompson. The Royal Academy of Radio Actors will join Garrison in a number of skits and steel guitarist Joe Savage will sit in with The Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band. The news from Lake Wobegon will tease us with stories of spring.

“Every minute spent in planning will save two in execution.” Henry Kaiser

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