June 3rd, 2016 by Gary Osberg

I have never been much of a fisherman. When I was young, Dad was not around and besides, I was too busy as a juvenile delinquent getting into trouble in Upsala to care about fishing. Then in 1973 we bought an old farm house on Cedar Lake west of Upsala and the next spring, I purchased a rod and reel. I still have that same rod and reel. The warehouse manager at General Office Products, Earl Benson, instructed me on the art of bass fishing. Erik was only 2 years old when we started fishing out of brother-in-law Jackie’s boat. We mastered the art.

Every June the five Osberg brothers, plus Erik and my grandson “Walleye Willie” go fishing on Leech Lake. There is a traveling trophy for the largest walleye. Needless to say, my name has never been on the trophy. But one year, Erik and I returned to Cedar Lake and I landed a 17 inch bass in front of the place that we used to own. I was going to have a ‘bass trophy’ made with my name on it and I planned on bringing it to Leech the next year, but alas, on Labor Day, 2014, my then 10 year old granddaughter Anna, caught a 19 inch bass on another Cedar Lake near Aitkin. We will be at Brindley’s Resort this weekend and maybe this year I will get the big one.

The APHC show this week is live from the air-conditioned Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia . Special guests include Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder with bluegrass melodies and lightning-fast picking.
Christine DiGiallonardo will sing a few songs with the aging host. Garrison will bring us up to date on the News from Lake Wobegon. Enjoy the show.

“What every child wants to know is: ‘Do your eyes light up when I enter the room? Did you hear me and did what I say mean anything to you?’ That’s what they are looking for. That is what everybody is looking for” Toni Morrison

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