May 1st, 2020 by Gary Osberg

Good morning from Mill Stream Village,

What a difference!  On March 3rd, Dr. Benjamin Mueller, with the Twin Cities Spine Center,  performed “spinal cord de-compression surgery”.  It worked. The pain in the back and legs has been replaced with a dull ache.  It will be many months before I am able to free myself from the heating pad, but “time heals all wounds”.  

However the world has changed.  Today, I would not be able to have that surgery, since it would be considered “elective”.  Working from my kitchen table in my cottage is not the preferred way, but hopefully soon I will be able to return to the third floor of Wimmer Hall at St. John’s University.

One year ago today, 12 students from Upsala High and 20 adults including myself and my granddaughter Chrissy checked into a quaint hotel in the village of Aufkirchen, Germany.  Aufkirchen is a suburb of Munich.  Later that day we visited Dachau, the concentration camp where thousands died.  Our tour guide, Sergio, told how his grandmother had thrown her baby daughter from the moving train into the arms of a total stranger.  That baby girl was Sergio’s mother.  I am so glad that Ms. Poissant, the art teacher in Upsala scheduled our “trip of a lifetime” in 2019 and not 2020.

Live from Here this week is another Live from Home broadcast.  Stay safe. 

“This too shall pass”.  

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